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Crow’s Nest

The tree borders the highway. It has shed it leaves, all the memories written on them, released one by one, waiting to rewrite more hopeful ones. But the nest of the crow is still safely held between the nook of its arms. I couldn’t hear any hatchlings. Perhaps […]

Sun Lost A Battle.

Sun was fighting a losing battle today.He tried but the clouds were stronger and he couldn’t free himself from their hooded captivity. He was denied even a teeny glimpse of his ardent admirer who was waiting with the lens focused on him. Yet, he let me know that […]

Red Sunset

I watch the setting sun everyday. It is a privilege which has been bestowed due to the “Work From Home ” situation. We set out on our evening walks and we get to view the sun disappearing behind the distant hills rather than just being sastisfied by the […]