Tag: short story

Phinn’s Kite

“Don’t forget to buy the kite, mama” Phinn reminded his mother as he boarded the school bus. It was as if he expected his mother, to let her busy day get in the way, once again forgetting his demand. His mother Anita, a single mother, is a high […]

An Episode From Life

This short story was my entry for the below picture prompt. She knew exactly where to find her. Sue locked the front door of her cottage and headed out to the lake gathering her jacket. She wondered if Heather has carried hers.  The evening chill was slowly creeping […]

The Red Ball

I believe in paranormal experiences. I got a prompt for a 250 word horror story which brought memories of an unexplained experience I had years ago. I was sleeping on the floor and I had a dream of a ball rolling and hitting my feet. I woke up […]

Revenge She Mused

Everything was absolutely in place and customary when she got up early Monday morning. She switched off the alarm, carefully removed her husband’s arms entwined around her and headed off to kitchen .She liked everything normal and habitual that followed a preset pattern. Having to do things differently […]