Tag: Short Poems

This Is Where You Will Find Me

When you miss melook for me in the meadowwhere we namedour white daisies blue,where you plucked trebles from birdsongand composed music for the wind,where we watched wishing stones in the streamsparkle in the moonlight.I will be theretill you no longer come looking for me.

Keep it a Secret

Keep it a secretthat your eyes are my favourite booksand the crinkles at the edgesare left by my fingertipsthat cannot stop turning their pagesover and over againto read the endless new stories they dream for us everyday.


Is it too much to hopethat the ivy you gave mewould somedaygrow into a shrine?Is it foolish to believethat the nectarine pit in your heartwould somedaygrow into an orchard?Perhaps I shouldkeep waiting for that somedaywhen you would turn aroundand nod at me in the affirmative.

Tell Me How

This one is for my mother. She is 75 and with the spirit of a teen. She used to be extremely happy not so long ago- at least she seemed so. But she isn’t anymore and I don’t know what to do. I do not know how to […]

Forever Autumn

Lovewas trapped betweenthe kerfs of what we saidand we meant.Out of reachyet visible. We triedto retrieve,nevertheless,what were kerfsbecoming abysses. Then,we let love go and sighed‘Now for usit is forever autumn’

Stumbling on Memories

There were boulders of many sizes and forms near the marsh. As I leapt from one to other adjusting my position for some photographs of the faraway hills, I stumbled, but thankfully regained my balance before I toppled into the water. When I scrolled through those photographs, words […]

Give a Hug.

In one of my earlier letters to my love, I wrote that I love the ocean and watching the waves crashing against the rocks. He wrote back that he has never seen waves crashing against rocks. Instead this is what he saw. Rocks becoming onewith the ocean,under the […]