Tag: Photography

Lover’s Felled

November Photo A Day Challenge, by City Sonnet, Day 26 Slow Under years of siege by water and oxygen from the air, these iron poles of erstwhile streetlights, gave in, slowly turning to rust. It also had tangles of some indistinguishable vine, looped around. Like a lover who did not […]

Stumbling on Memories

There were boulders of many sizes and forms near the marsh. As I leapt from one to other adjusting my position for some photographs of the faraway hills, I stumbled, but thankfully regained my balance before I toppled into the water. When I scrolled through those photographs, words […]

Black And White Ripples

I asked the Man to skip stones for me, so that I can take some photographs. Instead, he collected multiple stones and flung them all together. That’s how he skipped skipping stones and created these artful ripples. I didn’t get what I wanted, yet I am delighted with […]

You Are What You Eat.

November Photo A Day Challenge, by City Sonnet, Day 23 What if you could eat all you want and still stay fit? These days everything I eat seems to gather around my face. Don’t you agree with Julia Child when she says People who love to eat are always the […]

Life Happens on Streets

November Photo A Day Challenge, by City Sonnet, Day 21 Street There is a lot happening on streets. Oblivious to the rest of the world, the scripted and often unscripted play unfolds. And somewhere there is a person with a lens, probably a voyeur capturing that act , which is […]