Tag: Love

Two Still Tango-ing Around

I picked up a lexicon and a thesaurus just to match steps with this man, 24 years ago, while he was writing pages long letters and poems for me. 24 years later, another poem for me. I am truly blessed. Showers of BlessingShe is a Flower Child Who […]

Phinn’s Kite

“Don’t forget to buy the kite, mama” Phinn reminded his mother as he boarded the school bus. It was as if he expected his mother, to let her busy day get in the way, once again forgetting his demand. His mother Anita, a single mother, is a high […]

Sounds of Silence

Does it? Does silence have all the answers? When you seek answers for all those questions needing closure, delving deep within your own silence, you may hear your soul whispering them to you . But there is a silence which can be deafening. Silence from a person who […]

Puppet with a broken string..

Letting go isn’t easy. Especially when it means watching your kid spreading out his wings and taking flight to a distant place. A place so far away that you have to consider the time zones to call him on face time. Even though you know that his wings […]