Trailing Daisies

Flower Of The Day Yellow Trailing Daisies appear when Summer ends, bringing along with itna wistful feeling. This one is for Summer. Just one hour leftto release my breathmy subdued wild heartbeatsthat starved all summerfor the lemon peels in your skinand the water mint in your sighs.Just one […]

How Many Petunias Do You Know?

Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge I love the name Petunia. It is a name that should belong to a book. It says that petunia symbolises anger and resentment . Probably that is why J.K Rowling must have opted to call Harry Potter’s aunt, as Petunia. Then there […]

Mexican Prickly Poppy

Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge Spotted while trekking to Firangai Devi Cave Temple at Nanoli. Mexican Prickly Poppy or Argemone Mexicana. What attracted me more are the leaves. They are alternate, without leaf stalks, serrated and the margins are spiny. The grey-white veins stand out against the […]

Pink Rose

Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge My first instinct on seeing a rose, is to bent down, hoping to catch a whiff of its fragrance. Rose fragrance for me is Yardley London Red Roses and nostalgia. It smells of my best friend’s home who had her father working […]

Rosy Eranthemums

Flower of the Day Another wild flower predominantly found in the Western Ghats. Made its acquaintance during our recent trip to the Ghats. It has a very strong medicinal smell. I collected a bunch from the wild, which I was forced to discard after a while, as my […]