Tag: Black and White Photography

In Flight

Cee’s Black and White Challenge Anything in Flight I got a few in flight clicks of the painted stork, that visits us during spring. It was a clear sky with no clouds in sight. Cormorants in formation I included the weaver bird, as it is not perched but […]

Indian Cormorants

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge We have these majestic Indian Cormorants in Navi Mumbai wetlands. I caught them drying their wings right after a good meal of fish. The glassy surface of the water tricks you into believing that they are indulging in some acrobatic mating ritual […]

Black And White Ripples

I asked the Man to skip stones for me, so that I can take some photographs. Instead, he collected multiple stones and flung them all together. That’s how he skipped skipping stones and created these artful ripples. I didn’t get what I wanted, yet I am delighted with […]