Friday Special Treat

Sandy’s Friendly Friday Special treat. One of the many things that I adapted due to the prolonged ‘work from home’ is, eating to live. Sometimes I used to eat, just because it was time to eat and not because I was hungry. Being South Indians our breakfast is […]

Nothing is Always Something

Is something wrong?Her answer was always ” No, Nothing”Nothing actually held all the things that upset her. It held her silent want for him to hear her unspoken words , Her longing for him to stay a moment more and ask her again what is wrong.He never did […]

Jagged Shards

The jagged shards of somebody’s drunken night, lay scattered on the rough road. The golden rays of the sun washed over the fragments , lending them an opalescent sheen. They resembled, pale ghosts of uncut diamonds, a masquerade of baubles and cast-offs.

All stacked up

Cee’s Photo Challenge- Stacked or Piled Up This one is from a brick kiln nearby. Beside our highways, there are spaces like these that serves as half way houses for trucks. There are no sleeping arrangements, only facilities for fuel, air and washroom. These piled up tyres are […]