GIF-y Love- I am Sorry

Gifs themed I am Sorry for GIF-y Love by Nehal nehalsays.wordpress.comTiction Thank you girls for this fun prompt. There are many ways to say sorry. In schools, teachers used to make us say sorry like this. Now this is termed as brain yoga. Listing out what you are sorry about, like this. Or […]

Empty Nest

November Photo A Day Challenge, by City Sonnet, Day 9 Nature The nest on the tree So empty and forlorn It can’t always be full They must soar The fledged nestling birds She knew that well As she nudged them to fly. But coming to the door Knowing it […]

RDP Friday- Suspense

RDP Friday- by Eschudel The whole world is hanging on suspense. Even us, from neighbouring countries are anxiously peeping over the wall to know what is happening with American Presidential Election. All we hear is about absentee ballot is still being counted in Nevada, while the world is […]

Phinn’s Kite

“Don’t forget to buy the kite, mama” Phinn reminded his mother as he boarded the school bus. It was as if he expected his mother, to let her busy day get in the way, once again forgetting his demand. His mother Anita, a single mother, is a high […]