If I could change back Time

My friend recently asked me why my posts have an underlying note of sadness in them. Words don’t pour out untill they start choking me. And there is always emotions involved. I have been told that my face mirrors what is in my mind. My smile disappears in […]


The feeling I am left with today is that of betrayal. I might have betrayed someone today. Someone who loves me so much. My betrayal was remaining silent. Not letting her know sooner that I won’t be around ..not at least in the same place as her child […]

Let it Flow

For me tears always flow as a reflex. It happens suddenly. Imagine the strap of your grocery bag come undone at the zebra crossing. There goes all the contents spilling and rolling in all directions. You feel so exposed . You don’t know what to gather before the […]

Then , I lived.

“Living with constantly being upset about what you lost is to waste what you have.”- uncredited quote. But then again it depends on how deep and wide is your loss. You can live with the loss just like the way you live with an incurable disease. You keep […]

Green eyed me

Even saints fall prey to the green eyed beautiful monster and I am not a saint. I feel jealous of people who can express what is going on in their mind. When you read them, you feel what they wanted you to feel. They succeed in making you […]