Oscar Wilde

I love Oscar Wilde for his ripostes at life and morals . On his birthday, I have selected s few of my favourite ones. Life is never fair . . . And perhaps it is a good thing for most of us that it is not.’ An Ideal […]

World Through Her Eyes

Once again in my dream I saw you in your balcony In the glow of the early evening sun You had your paisley print dress And you were leaning against the railings Lost somewhere faraway, in thoughts. I watched your abrupt smile Eyes closed to the gentle cool […]

Saturday Six Word Story

Flash fiction entries for Shweta’s Saturday Six Word Story Family That was the last family get-together Family skewed from square to triangle. Wanted to skip another family drama. A family reunion finally lacking drama. She was something close to family. Laughter echoed loudly from family room. Whole family […]

The Secret of Happiness

What makes you happy? Moments spend with people you love, being in the possession of all things that you desire. This will be the answer of most people. People who work with me, do say that my happiness is infectious. People who have moved on, do call sometimes […]

The Red Ball

I believe in paranormal experiences. I got a prompt for a 250 word horror story which brought memories of an unexplained experience I had years ago. I was sleeping on the floor and I had a dream of a ball rolling and hitting my feet. I woke up […]