Category: Very Short Poems

Cyclone Tauktai

The wind asks the cherry treeto wake me upby rapping on my windowwith its overgrown branch.It wants me to judge the orchestrawith the air aroundas one colossal woodwind instrumentplayed by the inept fingers and mouthof the trees and windows left open.The sound that they produceis similar to the […]

Old Church

I took my city dreams to bed.After a night of passion,we lie side by sidelanguid fingerstracing the contours of my soulI know what I seekdoes not exist in that time warp.Now, the phantom that you seeopening a portalback to that old church steepleis me.

Forever Autumn

Lovewas trapped betweenthe kerfs of what we saidand we meant.Out of reachyet visible. We triedto retrieve,nevertheless,what were kerfsbecoming abysses. Then,we let love go and sighed‘Now for usit is forever autumn’