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Saturday Six Word Story Prompt

I came tok now about the Saturday Six Word Story Prompt hosted by Shweta Suresh from the post of a fellow blogger,Happy Panda I decided to give it a try as well. I am not sure if my submission is past the deadline though. I had fun playing with words even […]

Go gently Into the Night

I lost someone to SARS CoV-2 virus today. Someone, whom I knew as an energetic young man, doting father of two lovely girls, and above all a much-loved Football Coach around downtown Mumbai. The 80000+ death toll count in India caused by the virus was mere statistics to […]

I am More than a Brown Lady

Anjali was with her mother, trying to pick a dress for a party. She loved the black satin dress with shiny silver sequins on the bodice. After long deliberation, her mother said “No sweetheart, you are already so dark. You will look darker. It is for fair girls” […]

Teachers, We are Special.

Yet another teacher’s day But this time, the thanksgiving and love will be given and received virtually. The elaborate plans which would otherwise start by mid August by the senior classes!!!! All the hushed excitement, preparing for entertaining teachers, sometimes taking the class teacher of the organizing class […]

Battle with Despair

Despair You always know it coming Castings its dark looming shadows Like the Demogorgon from the nether world Power disruption, grid failure No mobile signals Everything around you malfunctioning Still you are not ready No armour, no weapons or spells All you do is run, trying to escape […]

My Teaching Will Go on

“Education is the ability to listen to almost anything, without losing your temper or your self –confidence.” The above quote by Robert Frost on education, rightly describes what it takes to be a teacher, in a Corona infected world. Education Industry is one of the severely hit sectors […]