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Red and Green

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge by Forestwood When it is the season of Christmas, red and green can mean only it’s colours. From the baubles to the poinsettias on the green tree, it is red all around. Whether the colours symbolise, blood of Christ and evergreen life, or the […]

Check out my book

The very talented PotterheadAanya has published her book which is available on Goodreads. Do find the details in her below blog. Hey guys it’s finally here!!!You can find my book on amazon and pothi It will be FREE from 27th to December 1, 12 am PST.I’l remind you […]

Lover’s Felled

November Photo A Day Challenge, by City Sonnet, Day 26 Slow Under years of siege by water and oxygen from the air, these iron poles of erstwhile streetlights, gave in, slowly turning to rust. It also had tangles of some indistinguishable vine, looped around. Like a lover who did not […]

Happy International Men’s Day

This post is for the good men in my life. Particularly to the one who changed my life. My family was statistically, a female dominated one; my Daddy being the only male member. Having a father who was conservative, protective and also who was a police officer; my […]