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The Silver Lined Clouds.

Even though the year 2020 will go down in the history for being a smorgasbord of twists and turns, for many, it was also the year of reinventing for good.


Contrails never fail to arrest me in my track. I am ensorcelled by these cirrus clouds, painted by jets. Sometimes they dissipate in minutes, the trail expanding into modern art, like a drop of ink in water. Other times they stay for hours, the evening sun changing their […]

Brick Kiln

A brick kiln has come up along our daily walking route. The space used to be a wasteland, with a few bushes and lot of debris. Then one evening, we saw it being cleared up. Few days later, shanties came up along the wall which borders the nurses’ […]

World Wide Candle Lighting Day

Today is World Wide Candle Lighting Day. There were no usual Twitter hashtags or shares to remind people to join in this poignant ceremony. I read about this from a post by Kaushal Kishore. I wanted to join, not only because I lost one of my students to […]

All is Bright

Tourmaline’s Countdown to Christmas has reached day 12 It is all about Christmas lights today. The beauty of light is well appreciated when there is darkness around. The fairy lights winding up a Christmas tree from bottom to the Star of David at the top, is a reminder […]

Practice and Repeat

December Photo A Day Challenge by City Sonnet, Day 11 Are routines boring? Or is it something that brings method and order to a life, reining it from spinning out of control? “Chaos is the natural order of things”. A methodical person like me would attribute that theory coming […]

A Holly Jolly Christmas

Tourmaline’s Countdown to Christmas Ho-ho-ho and a happy, jolly Christmas to you! Feel warm and fuzzy inside already? Did that special something appear in the air which permeates into you? Did the sights and scents all around you fill you with happiness? Did you buy gifts? Or are you […]