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Go Girl, Rule The World

Today being the International Day of The Girl Child, I took a moment to recall the faces of all the girls I have taught, who are synonyms of grit. Some are treated as queens and others make a tiara with all their achievements and wear them with pride. […]

SATURDAY Six Word Story

Six word story for Shweta’s prompt ,Free This was tough, as I felt like I was rewriting the philosophies which I have read.. Free the sails and bon voyageAll hatred set free by loveThoughts flew free from unlocked mind.Hair, free from tie, looked wind- blown.Parties beckoned him with […]

The Road I Dared To Take

This was a picture for poetry challenge. It reminded me of the risk I took, and the road I finally decided to set on. As I sleep walkedThrough the day’s mundane tasks.Again it beckoned to meThe road I never took. It haunted me,The road I am scared to […]