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Twenty Word Tuesday by Bulbul Week 34- Garden Someday, I will walk again in the garden. Meanwhile, I will send my heart to burrow in the dogwood tree. Leena

Let Me Be

Twenty Word Tuesday by Bulbul Week 32 – Cat She was now in her cat persona, aloof, indecipherable, not acknowledging his existence and he knew he had to wait. Leena

Why Is She a Xanthippe?

Women become xanthippes. Why? Imagine this. I asked him, ” Did you get the milk and bread?”He said ” Understanding the question is half the answer” I said, “I will then serve philosophy as breakfast”He called me ‘xanthippe’That’s how the fight started. I say, behind every Xanthippe, there […]

My Lost Thoughts

I have been working on my book and somedays I write late into the night trying to transfer all my thoughts into print. Somedays my thoughts are lost somewhere within. It is as if something smudged their map to the way out and they are lost, wandering inside […]