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Honey Glazed Garlic-Pepper Chicken

Generally, I share my culinary experiments with my Instagram audience. This one had recipe requests, so I had to deviate from my practice of winging with it and write down a recipe. I would call this as my perfectly Maillarded chicken breasts. That’s not what I named it. […]

Finally, Puttu.

Only a Keralite knows what Puttu means to him/her. Since it comparatively easy to make, and can be relished with spicy curries or bananas, it often claims the breakfast table of every Kerala household. Puttu is steamed rice flour, which is first fried to a particular texture. It […]

Pot Rice in a Pressure Cooker

Whipping up a tasty one-pot meal that don’t require any side dishes, is a challenge. So I came up with this pressure cooker version of pot rice. I haven’t made traditional slow cooked pot rice yet, so I am not sure how different that would taste form this […]