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Heart on the Clothline

I saw your heartbillowing on the clothlinewhere you hung it out to dry,while your soul leftfor forty days of fasting in the desert.Through your now clearand transparent huskI could seeyou have marked the placewhere you wouldput them back—right next to your wounds.

This Is Where You Will Find Me

When you miss melook for me in the meadowwhere we namedour white daisies blue,where you plucked trebles from birdsongand composed music for the wind,where we watched wishing stones in the streamsparkle in the moonlight.I will be theretill you no longer come looking for me.

Empty For Words

I was too empty for words.The truth is,the sword I kept in my tongueto deflectonly the sentences that betray me,beheaded,even my carefully scripted textsat the turnstiles of my throat.So I am taking this rainyou have left for meto redeem at least my empty eyes.

Tell Me How

This one is for my mother. She is 75 and with the spirit of a teen. She used to be extremely happy not so long ago- at least she seemed so. But she isn’t anymore and I don’t know what to do. I do not know how to […]

Death Cried

Even though I am not politically inclined, I couldn’t help posting the above image, as I have been seeing some people still not accepting that the governance failed and things spun out of hand. Everyday, I get to hear the death of a friend or an acquaintance, often […]