Category: Photography

Ballads of Valour

You can rhapsodize my valour in your ballads.I will smile and wave at your parades.Yet, you will never know, how scared I was.How, the latch of a reservoir of courage that I did not know existed within me, came undone whenI was left with no options.

Bubble Balloons

The bicycle of the balloon vendor was on the road this evening. This is my home photo for the Challenge by Liliput. She felt like the bubble balloon.Transparent.Unable to hide her emotions within.They were on the display, in a spectrum of rainbow colours. Her fear in purple, sadness […]

A Canvas for Red

The colour red, for Challenge your Camera, hosted by Dr B I see red everywhere. I believe red announces its presence more than any other colour. For my reds, I chose beautiful reds from my corner of the world. The red sindoor or vermillion and the red sacred […]

Rosy Eranthemums

Flower of the Day Another wild flower predominantly found in the Western Ghats. Made its acquaintance during our recent trip to the Ghats. It has a very strong medicinal smell. I collected a bunch from the wild, which I was forced to discard after a while, as my […]