October Photo a Day Challenge , Day 6, Plenty

October Photo a Day Challenge, Day 6, Plenty by City Sonnet

This picture was taken while we were resting in a lawn before a party. There was plenty of time for the party to start. Plenty of time to dress up , wear contacts and take charge . So I had this peaceful moment , kids around and my spectacles dropped lazily amongst the grass.

Let my eyes rest for a while
Plenty of time, for it’s hardly a mile
Before I have to force myself to smile
Wear a mask, twaddle and beguile
Plenty of time to retrieve my glasses
Plenty of time to sink in the grasses.


October Photo a Day Challenge, Day 5, Birds

October Photo a Day Challenge, Day 5, Birds by City Sonnet

These flamingos visit my city Nerul in Mumbai, India every year during April-June.

They get along well with all the other species of birds found in the Nerul wetlands.

Unlike humans, they don’t mind sharing their territory and food.

The flamingos do bring a lot of human visitors as well and the birds do stay and regally pose for photographs. I never could find one with the bright orange wings that you generally see in pictures.