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I was a teacher by profession and leader to a team for 21 years. Now on a sabbatical, exploring and polishing my vestigial skills in writing and Photography.

Crow’s Nest

The tree borders the highway. It has shed it leaves, all the memories written on them, released one by one, waiting to rewrite more hopeful ones. But the nest of the crow is still safely held between the nook of its arms. I couldn’t hear any hatchlings. Perhaps […]

My Lost Thoughts

I have been working on my book and somedays I write late into the night trying to transfer all my thoughts into print. Somedays my thoughts are lost somewhere within. It is as if something smudged their map to the way out and they are lost, wandering inside […]


Dr B posts wonderful challenges for someone who is working their photography skills through his Challenge Your Camera I love close ups and am steadily progressing on getting some decent clicks. I love the texture of icecubes and tried to play around with frozen objects. Below click is […]

Balloon Seller at the Junction

Which Way Photo Challenge by Alive And Trekking While some hope for a better evening, than yesterday, to sell more balloons than yesterday, to have a better meal than yesterday, I walk past, hoping to burn all the calories that I consumed. It is so true, that our […]

How Many Petunias Do You Know?

Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge I love the name Petunia. It is a name that should belong to a book. It says that petunia symbolises anger and resentment . Probably that is why J.K Rowling must have opted to call Harry Potter’s aunt, as Petunia. Then there […]