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If words could satisfy the heart,
The heart might find less care;
But words, like summer birds, depart,
And leave but empty air.

GIF-y Love – Lazy

Gifs themed Lazy for GIF-y Love by Nehal nehalsays.wordpress.comTiction When I think lazy, it is Garfield that is in the top of my lazy list. Then myself on one my lazy days, binge-watching on the couch, trying to do everything without planting my feet on the ground Ever tried […]

False Yellowhead

Found these False Yellowhead seeds during my evening walk. Patiently waiting on the branches of death to drift away. False Yellowhead has an astringent smell which most people find unpleasant. Here goes the adage My dear one, don’t fall in love with any woman who only has good […]

When Words Sting

Have you ever swallowed words? Stopped them before they escaped from your mouth as weapons of destruction? I have a dark place where I exile all those words and probabaly it would be too crowded a place now. We have been warned about the power of words and […]


November Photo A Day Challenge, by City Sonnet, Day 4 Raindrops I love raindrops. Not the ones which feels like tiny pebbles being pelted on your head. But the ones that feels like a tender kiss from teh angels. Like Julie Andrews, raindrops on roses are my favourite things […]

Dying Flowers

November Photo A Day Challenge, by City Sonnet, Day 2 FADING FLOWERS These are Indian Chrisanthemums. Pale yellow. Some fresh and some with their beauty, fading away. Everything that is alive must die, shrivel, disintegrate and join the elements. What better reminder one needs other than seeing the splendor […]

Give a Hug.

In one of my earlier letters to my love, I wrote that I love the ocean and watching the waves crashing against the rocks. He wrote back that he has never seen waves crashing against rocks. Instead this is what he saw. Rocks becoming onewith the ocean,under the […]