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I was a teacher by profession and leader to a team for 21 years. Now on a sabbatical, exploring and polishing my vestigial skills in writing and Photography.

RDP Friday

RDP Friday Impending It doesn’t generally rain during October, here in Mumbai. When we went for our evening walk, the sky didn’t hold any clue of what was to come. We must have walked 2 km, when dark clouds started gathering up. I wanted to stay back to […]

Acceptance of Loss

It is a month since my friend had her life shattered to pieces. She is very young, a teacher, with two girls aged 7 and 3. She lost her husband to Covid-19, 13 days after they celebrated his birthday together. From September 17, every day,  her Facebook had […]


Why is mamma late? I am tired of waiting It’s long since I ate Eyes tired and hurting Will she get me pizza? Today just for once ? I know it’s not a good idea She is without a job for months. Why is life so unfair? Some […]

An Episode From Life

This short story was my entry for the below picture prompt. She knew exactly where to find her. Sue locked the front door of her cottage and headed out to the lake gathering her jacket. She wondered if Heather has carried hers.  The evening chill was slowly creeping […]