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I was a teacher by profession and leader to a team for 21 years. Now on a sabbatical, exploring and polishing my vestigial skills in writing and Photography.

Off- Centre

Nancy Merrill’s Off- Centre Photo Challenge We have a stretch of wetlands bordering our nearest railway station. As you walk along the sidewalks, this is the view that greets you in the evenings. Cormorants and egrets. Crepescular rays sometimes. The bogies of the passing local trains and beyond […]

Things Related to Sports

Challenge Your Camera by Dr.B These are all from my gallery. They are not very old. They are from the last Sports Day that I attended at my son’s school before Corona halted everything . The track is getting a retouch for the race. The torch waiting for […]

Sprouting Seed

Lens Artist Photo Challenge Starting with S The seed is still clasped to the edges of the new leaf, giving all it could, till the tiny roots become strong enough to support and nourish. She won’t let go…. not yet …

Target Practice or Not

Someone did this to an apple! Took few bites from either sides. Then placed it on the head of an exposed pipe on the pavement. How many times have I seen the scene played out in movies..? This was no work of an archer, but maybe I appreciate […]

Pink Rose

Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge My first instinct on seeing a rose, is to bent down, hoping to catch a whiff of its fragrance. Rose fragrance for me is Yardley London Red Roses and nostalgia. It smells of my best friend’s home who had her father working […]