Rosary Peas

Yesterday, we just went out, after staying inside for almost two months due to lockdown. I wanted to smell the grass and feel the earth beneath my bare feet. And thankfully we are blessed with Sahyadri hills and it’s valleys where I can find exactly that kind of peaceful patches.

We are celebrating 24 years of being together tomorrow and probably it was another magical sign that I found a rosary pea embedded in the soil.

I cherish every wonderful manifestations in nature. I started collecting rosary peas ( love peas) and Red lucky seeds as a girl and brought them to my husband’s home at Cochin, when I got married, in two little boxes.

I left it there as I came to Mumbai. And imagine my elation, when I saw this one waiting for me in the soil!

My everindulging partner and my son got to their knees along with me and searched on the ground. We found some more and finally the tree which sported the vines of rosary peas hidden between it’s branches.

They got them for me. Also I was crowned as the Queen of Love Peas or Rosary Peas by my dearest Man

He has been dancing to all my crazy tunes for years now, happily letting me be the wild, flower child that I am and not restricting me to act my age though he worries that my old bones would break in case I fall from trees.

He also got me this fine wooden box to store my treasure.

It is like nature herself has conspired to let me have the best anniversary gift that I would ask for.

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  1. Sooooo sweet Leena. God bless the Rosary Queen and her Prince Charming 💖🤗💖

    Much love and blessings for the anniversary ❤️🎉🥳💃🏻

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