Month: May 2021

Tell Me How

This one is for my mother. She is 75 and with the spirit of a teen. She used to be extremely happy not so long ago- at least she seemed so. But she isn’t anymore and I don’t know what to do. I do not know how to […]

Pony Tail

I don’t know what this tree is. Google lens did not give me a match. Looking up at this cluster reminded me of hair tied up in a ponytail. Weird ? I remember the game I used to play when my mother sat on the deck chair in […]

Cyclone Tauktai

The wind asks the cherry treeto wake me upby rapping on my windowwith its overgrown branch.It wants me to judge the orchestrawith the air aroundas one colossal woodwind instrumentplayed by the inept fingers and mouthof the trees and windows left open.The sound that they produceis similar to the […]

Old Church

I took my city dreams to bed.After a night of passion,we lie side by sidelanguid fingerstracing the contours of my soulI know what I seekdoes not exist in that time warp.Now, the phantom that you seeopening a portalback to that old church steepleis me.

Death Cried

Even though I am not politically inclined, I couldn’t help posting the above image, as I have been seeing some people still not accepting that the governance failed and things spun out of hand. Everyday, I get to hear the death of a friend or an acquaintance, often […]