Month: April 2021

Honey Glazed Garlic-Pepper Chicken

Generally, I share my culinary experiments with my Instagram audience. This one had recipe requests, so I had to deviate from my practice of winging with it and write down a recipe. I would call this as my perfectly Maillarded chicken breasts. That’s not what I named it. […]

Let Me Be

Twenty Word Tuesday by Bulbul Week 32 – Cat She was now in her cat persona, aloof, indecipherable, not acknowledging his existence and he knew he had to wait. Leena

Two Still Tango-ing Around

I picked up a lexicon and a thesaurus just to match steps with this man, 24 years ago, while he was writing pages long letters and poems for me. 24 years later, another poem for me. I am truly blessed. Showers of BlessingShe is a Flower Child Who […]