Short Write

World Poetry Day

Yesterday was World Poetry Day. I woke up to a tag on Twitter by a generous soul, who added me as one of his favourite poets.

Though I don’t post what he called as poems, on WordPress, I do engage in plenty of short write prompts on Twitter.

I would say that words and I are old lovers, while I have spent my half-life with Chemistry. Now I have both.

It is not easy. And I am still learning to write. Some days, words just flow easily. And other days I have to sit tapping my pen.

And I do love the struggle. Filling blank pages with verses. Then striking and rephrasing, till you get it right.. somewhat right.

This one is for the verses I am yet to write.

A million poems
sleep in my heart,
like fireflies in winter,
for a warm summer night.


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  1. I had opened my account on Twitter and IG but didn’t follow through. I think it is time I did 😊

    All these thoughts and feelings of yours would find expression and see day light at their own time 😊🌹

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  2. Everyone who writes, or tries to write, knows your struggle. Take heart — you are not alone. And your poem is beautiful — we all have stories and poems buried inside us, if only we can learn how to release them and let them live.

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