Book Review

Book Review- 4 Pillars of Abundant Life by Ashok Wahi

Every tomorrow will come as today

Ashok Wahi

If I hadn’t  known Ashok Wahi, from WordPress, I would have missed reading ‘ 4  Pillars of Abundant Life’, at least for a long time, till I would happen to come across a review written by someone somewhere.

The reason being, I have read many Self help books that reveal the secrets of happiness and success. The secrets were always the same, but dressed up in different attires, depending on the author’s artistry with words.

Most of the time, I felt that they were giving advices from lives they never lived, even when they were narrating stories.

This is what places ‘4 Pillars of Abundant Life’ in a different space. As you turn the pages, you will feel all that Ashokji  experienced so as to finally derive at the profound wisdom, that he is sharing with the readers.

I can no more address him as Ashok, though he is a dear friend,  unseen, and a benign presence in wordpress space, who has been constantly encouraging new writers with his reflections. It would be disrespectful, now that I have met the sagely version of him who shared this deep wisdom with me as a reader.

I believed that I was privy to almost every secret of happiness and success. But obviously there are more.

I did not know why my personal life and the life of my family had been suddenly moving towards the lane of happiness and success than ever before, in the past year, when most of the world was suffering with the pandemic and loss of job.

I did too. I had been teaching for 21 years and I loved what I was doing. I was contented with the lives I was transforming, both of students and my team of teachers.  Several reasons compounded my unavoidable exit from a role that I loved playing.

Then I started writing and I felt happier. It was unbelievable. How can I be happier by not doing something that made me happy for the past 21 years?

The happier I became, the more grateful I felt and success started finding its way into my family. 

Now with the insight I gained from this book, I know that the selective environment of the corporate that I was working with, was toxic and had been stealing my happiness even though my ever positive mind led me into believing that I was happy.

A grateful person is always happy, and a happy person is always successful

Ashok Wahi

All along the way, you will find Ashokji’s wisdom pinned for you on little grey boards.

I already have highlighted a bunch of my favourite quotes from the book.

What you leave behind was never yours. What you spent, you had, and what you gave away goes with you.

Ashok Wahi

Once we understand enough is enough, we realize that we have more than enough. That is abundance

Ashok Wahi

Ashokji does not stretch what he wants to say beyond enough. You can read it at one go. But I suggest you do as I did. Circle around one pillar a day. Pause to ponder over the insight that is used in their magnificent architecture. Read each inscription carefully and commit them to your memory, so that you can summon them to be beacons to guide your soul when in doubt.

If you have spent World Happiness day, not so happily, you should read this book.

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  1. You have captured the essence so well and in a few words Leena. I am so glad that the book resonated with you. Am feeling happy and fulfilled 😊 and wish you and your family all the very best in the years to come 😊🌹🤗

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