Kitchen Macros

Challenge Your Camera by Dr B

Everything happens in the kitchen. Life happens in the kitchen.

Andrew Zimmern

For me, kitchen stands for spices and condiments even before my cook-tops, pots and pans , crockery and gadgets. Perhaps for me, food is first an olfactory delight with its visual and gustatory ecstasies following close behind.

So I had to choose my favourite kitchen gadgets keeping in mind what they really mean to me.

I have zeroed in on three hand held ones.

This gadget is a part of my South Indian roots. It’s base version is made of wood and I am definitely getting one when I visit my hometown. Stringhoppers are basically rice noodles and you cannot imagine a Keralite household without this gadget.

Flat bread maker

This is the wooden base with a wooden rolling pin which we use to make flat breads. During my learning stage, they used to look like maps of countries yet to be discovered. The topography too used to be uneven, with tiny mounts of air scattered here and there.

It took me months before I rolled out my flat breads or chapattis into perfect circles that would fluff out into soft ones with a single mount, filled with air. We describe them as tearable with two fingers.

Mortar and Pestle

I still use this for coarse crushing and grinding of my spices. And I feel a noticeable difference in taste, or is it my mind playing tricks on my tastebuds?

Thank you Dr.B for the topic.

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    • Sometimes I fear that these hand operated ones will just end up as being souvenirs of old times. I love using them in spite of having the electric ones. Perhaps a foolish sentiment which the young generation won’t share


    • Thank you very much ❤️..
      I get that kind of craving too.
      I tried peanut butter +pickle sandwich few months ago , because I was reading about someone who loved it.


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