Colour Splash

This is in response to Dr.B’s Challenge Your Camera

This one required a lot of patience and finesse which I do lack. I felt like a child struggling to keep the crayons scribbles within the borders 😁.

I used an app called Colour Pop. It is a free version and hence it has too many advertisements. Here is the link for Colour Pop

But finally got to it with imperfections and leaking colours. Thank you Dr.B for the Challenge.

My son performing in a Street Play
My girl’s Yellow collar.

I thought, let’s look at the butterfly and not the ixora.

This silver snowflake tree ornament have me a tough time. The purple light refused to fade.

The umbrella is now on fire.

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  1. That must have been very difficult if it was a manual technique rather than automatic! But well done they are all good examples. This can improve your eye for things when you are out walking and observing things to photograph. It would help us all, and me, if you mentioned in your post what app you used plus a link to my own post so others can learn and get ideas. πŸ™πŸ™

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