Happily Yellow Everafter

This for Jude’s Life in Colours Challenge

In the world of safe hues, like black, red and white, yellow shouts: ‘Look at me. I’m happy!’” – Joy Sewing

Yellow is the colour of sunshine and smile.

So my first photograph is of these buildings in white, painted golden yellow by the wide strokes of an evening sun.

Food in yellow is appetizing. This Indian snack , Papdi chaat has a garnish of fine yellow noodles made of gram flour.

Indian snack ..Paapdi Chaat

Even though there is no accurate statistics, I have come across a rating where yellow flowers hold second position in its abundance.

Indian laburnum
Marigold for the Libran

Now for some random selection of yellow.

Dancer- drill with lazim
If you see a tyre or a pile of them, like this, it means somewhere around there is a shop to fill air in your car tyres.
Yellow flag
An integral part of Rangoli in India

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