Friday Special Treat

Sandy’s Friendly Friday Special treat.

One of the many things that I adapted due to the prolonged ‘work from home’ is, eating to live.

Sometimes I used to eat, just because it was time to eat and not because I was hungry.

Being South Indians our breakfast is always heavy, mostly comprising of something made of rice flour along with a gravy. That is more calories than a sedentary work, next to a computer, can utilise within 4 hrs.

So I started having soup for lunch. I had to invent varieties, playing around with veggies, spices and condiments, but I got over my lunch ritual of more carbohydrates.

So now weekends are for special treats.

I longed for a slider and hence spent some time making everything from the scratch.

You know it was a hit, when your teen comments that he would never feel like eating a Big Mac again.

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  1. ‘Never a Big Mac again’! High compliments indeed!

    Thank you for joining the Friendly Friday Challenge. I’m lucky to have come by and discovered your post entirely by chance. A delightful surprise 🙂

    Next time you should remember to add a link to my challenge post, so that I get an automatic pingback.

    In case anyone else would like to check and join the challenge, here is the link:

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  2. Oh that looks yummy. I am working on shifting my diet back to something more healthy (maybe it’s to something healthy not back to). I am working on the soups for lunch too and I am trying more protein at breakfast it seems to last longer.


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