To Watch the Sugarcane Fields

Pull up a seat Challenge

The Red cement bench
The Yellow Cement bench

I want so much to listen to the story behind these cement benches .

There were total four of them, two of each colour, on the left side of a non- descript road somewhere between Nippani and Kolhapur.

We were on our road trip to Goa and the colours called out amidst the browns of the surrounding fields. It is easy to miss as they are not along the main road but a deserted road that forms a T with the main.

There were no inscriptions or dedications. There were sugarcane farms around and no houses in the immediate vicinity except a bus stop and a structure that looked like a shelter.

The presence of street dogs spoke of a village nearby.

Were these benches made for the farm workers ?

They had a story to tell and I had no way of knowing.

People do use them, the garbage strewn near the bench was evidence enough.

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