Month: January 2021

Jagged Shards

The jagged shards of somebody’s drunken night, lay scattered on the rough road. The golden rays of the sun washed over the fragments , lending them an opalescent sheen. They resembled, pale ghosts of uncut diamonds, a masquerade of baubles and cast-offs.

All stacked up

Cee’s Photo Challenge- Stacked or Piled Up This one is from a brick kiln nearby. Beside our highways, there are spaces like these that serves as half way houses for trucks. There are no sleeping arrangements, only facilities for fuel, air and washroom. These piled up tyres are […]

The Pipeline over Still Water.

Which Way Photo Challenge by Alive And Trekking I could see the evening sun rays changing the blue of the pipeline from azure to cobalt blue, as I tried to capture it from different angles, just like the edit icon on a brightness and saturation control. The bow […]