Practice and Repeat

December Photo A Day Challenge by City Sonnet, Day 11

Are routines boring? Or is it something that brings method and order to a life, reining it from spinning out of control?

“Chaos is the natural order of things”.

A methodical person like me would attribute that theory coming from a maniac.

I love routine and order. Before I go to bed, I love having a clear road map of my tomorrow .

What am I having for meals? What will I be doing to fill, all the in between times?

Routine fills me with peace. But it doesn’t mean that I stick entirely to routine. I don’t let routine dictate my pattern of living. I let chaos take charge from time to time, plunging myself into the exhilarating heights of freedom.

I soar for a while, and then land back safely into that familiar place, filled with the kind of peace which only routine can bring .

When I am having a series of random, unplanned days littered with the adventure of uncertainty, it suffuses me with the same kind of feeling when you are on road. The feeling of missing home.

Out of routine comes inspiration. To grasp what’s exceptional, you first have to know what’s routine.

Michael Kimmelman

These are some boxes which I tick, as part of my routine.

Writing . My old diary and ball pen. Then reading
Evening walks
Capturing frames during my walk.
Cooking is always done, singing along with my favourite songs.

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