As kids, whenever we showed reluctance to eat something, which would end up as waste, we were reminded of the children and people who starve. That prompt was forceful enough to stop complaining and get back to whatever we were eating, even if we had to gulp it down with water. We were taught that food waste is a sin.

Seeing children and adults, searching through garbage bins for food, is something that would burn into your mind. It is still a constant ache, which is dulled by doing little acts of charity.

There is a lot which could be done to reduce the amount of food waste. Avoiding overstocking is just one of them.

The below report by my son Ashkenaz digs deeper into food waste .

I spoke to farmers and NGOs on “Wonky Veg” and it’s impact on food waste and the climate crisis.


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    • Hi! I’m the author of this post.
      What you say is 100% true, coal and oil companies are still the biggest offenders. But food waste as a whole is a deeply underestimated issue. If food waste were a country, it would be the world’s third largest emitter, after US and China. The onus is less on us to “trim edges” and more on supermarkets to stop rejecting fruit that has no deficiency in nutrition

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      • Hi Ashkenaz, I didn’t realise that Leena wasn’t the author, sorry. One thing that is very difficult here is to get hold of numbers. Or rather, it is very easy to get hold of numbers which conflict with each other. Our government even publishes material which claims that our overall emissions have reduced, year-on-year. These numbers are disputed by everybody else. As a result it is im piossible to qualtify culprits, although I have no doubt that you are correct.

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    • No worries, yes climate data can be confusing at times. It’s even worse when governments and corporations “greenwash”- make themselves look more sustainable than they really are. Here is some data I found: [this has a lot of references from the UN, etc]. I’ve also written about food waste before and this piece has some more links in it.

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