A Holly Jolly Christmas

Tourmaline’s Countdown to Christmas

Ho-ho-ho and a happy, jolly Christmas to you! Feel warm and fuzzy inside already?

Did that special something appear in the air which permeates into you?

Did the sights and scents all around you fill you with happiness?

Did you buy gifts?

Or are you a Grinch who cannot find anything magical and perceive only the commercial?

My pictures for a Jolly Christmas are of a unique Santa 🎅.

He refuses to come down through chimney and ride on reindeer driven sleighs.

He loves giving gifts looking the person in the eye. Yeah..and you will also see him kissing, not only Mommy, but also granny and uncles and cousins . He is also a hugger.

Isn’t he a jolly good fellow!!!

These are from my best Christmas memories. With our extended family scattered around different parts of the Globe, it had been a nuclear family Christmas last year and will be , this year too.

Meanwhile , It is the seaon to be Jolly. So Have a Holly Jolly Christmas.

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