Month: December 2020

The Silver Lined Clouds.

Even though the year 2020 will go down in the history for being a smorgasbord of twists and turns, for many, it was also the year of reinventing for good.

A Palimpsest

We were on a road trip to Goa, this past week. The beauty of road trip is the freedom to halt and enjoy the landscape that arrests your eye while you drive. We had the Western Ghats keeping us company for the major part of the trip. This […]


Contrails never fail to arrest me in my track. I am ensorcelled by these cirrus clouds, painted by jets. Sometimes they dissipate in minutes, the trail expanding into modern art, like a drop of ink in water. Other times they stay for hours, the evening sun changing their […]

The Strangler fig

Banyan tree or the Strangler fig growing from a pipe fitted on the wall lining the busy main road. Probably someone would uproot it before its roots could cause damage to the wall. Banyan tree which is our national tree, is abundantly found in the rural as well […]

Brick Kiln

A brick kiln has come up along our daily walking route. The space used to be a wasteland, with a few bushes and lot of debris. Then one evening, we saw it being cleared up. Few days later, shanties came up along the wall which borders the nurses’ […]


Tourmaline’s Countdown to Christmas , Day 14 Colours of the tree, dominated by red, gold, silver and green . There is a hamper of toffees and chocolates for all who visits during Christmas. Just adding a bunch of colourful balloons waiting to be released .