Happy International Men’s Day

This post is for the good men in my life. Particularly to the one who changed my life.

My family was statistically, a female dominated one; my Daddy being the only male member.

Having a father who was conservative, protective and also who was a police officer; my pre-teen, teen and early 20s went wasted without the thrill of being pursued by boys or me vying for the attention of boys.

I got two of my best friends, boys, at the age of 23 who showed me what it meant to have boys as buddies. I came to know from them, that in spite of being named as Rambha, Menaka and Tilothama, the three apasaras,  behind our back, it was the fear, my Daddy evoked as a Police Officer, that kept all the youth in my tiny village at bay.

I became, kind of a rebel, once Dalton John Junior conquered my heart with his mighty pen. Once my Daddy banned the letters and kept a watch on the post, my buddy gave his address keeping my postal love alive. He hid the paintings which I received as birthday gifts at his office, away from my Daddy’s sight.

I won the rebellion, my Daddy gave in, and I married the man I loved.

Inside each one of us, there is a miracle which is meant for just one person. And Dalton John whom I call as “ Boy” was my miracle. That miracle was not meant just for me. It was a transference leaping from one member of my family to another, changing everyone for the better. From seeing him as my worst mistake, he became the elder son whom my Daddy never had, a brother, my sisters missed.

And how he took me and gently turned my life around!!!

He gave me freedom, the first taste of which was bitter. I received everything I wanted on a platter till then, being completely dependent on my father. Having to do things independently, meeting people, turned the introverted me into an ambivert. The bitter taste became sweet and then exhilarating. I got my wings and the freedom to soar.

He showed me, that love has to be worn on your sleeves sometimes. My conservative parents got the first hugs in their lives. There was an abundance of “I love yous”. I learned that emotions and deepest feelings don’t have to be bottled up.

He puts us before everything else.

He keeps chivalry alive.

He wants his mornings to begin with a hug from us.

He lets us pull his leg all the time, and laughs with us at our “Papa is” jokes.

He admits his shortcomings and accepts the naggings from us.

He let me be the Supreme Commander and is happy being the henchman.

He does the dirtiest chores like cleaning the bathroom drain.

He works 18 hrs a day, to give us all the luxuries he possibly can.

He lets me be me, the Superwoman, yet holds my hand while crossing a busy road.

He lets me be his stylist and wears only what I choose for him and I don’t even know if he really like them.

He challenges me to be better than him in everything and is happy to play the second fiddle.

He is a master of all trades and the one who has earned my respect for his integrity, his grind and his philanthropy .

All he has ever asked from us is to be in his life and to love him with all his flaws and we do just that.

And for all that and more, I love him and he is one of the best of men, one in a trillion.

Then I have my brother-in- laws who filled the brother shaped voids in my life.

Apart from them, I have been associated with many good men at work and in my expanded friend circle whom I like and cherish.

Lately there is another young man who tilting the balance towards himself, our elder son.  When I look at him, I am awestruck at the man he has become and I am proud that he is one man added who would make this world a better place in whatever way he can.

For all the good men out there, I hope you know that, how much ever you are underappreciated we need you in more ways than we would ever admit.

I hope you have a Wonderful Day and you get to hear ‘I love Yous’ and ‘I Appreciate Yous’ from the people whom you love and also some love from people that you least expect the same from.

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  1. Deeply touched. Mid-way through I felt my vision blur and that slight wetness slowly cascading down my cheek. My EQ erupts at the slightest provocation.

    Life is not always good and smooth, then a day comes which makes up for all the shortfalls.

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