Red Sunset

I watch the setting sun everyday. It is a privilege which has been bestowed due to the “Work From Home ” situation. We set out on our evening walks and we get to view the sun disappearing behind the distant hills rather than just being sastisfied by the changing colours in the sky brought by a setting sun somewhere beyond the highrises.

I click a picture of that maginificence every day. The sky is aglow with hues of fiery orange and the sun looks like a juicy red fruit. There is no wonder why Hanuman as a child tried to swallow the sun thinking that it is a fruit.

The story is mentioned in Parasara Samhita, where Hanuman as an infant asks for food on a new moon day. His mother Anjana asks him to eat any fruit. Hanuman sees rising Sun, assumes it to be a fruit and gets closer. Indra hits him with Vajrayudha on cheek and it swells.

These are taken with my cell phone camera and hence the pixelation.

A haiku for the sun

Millions of years, he
the sun,burns,sustains life, then
a cold,dark, black dwarf.

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