Festival of Lights

Indian festivals are filled with colours and lights and also sound and Deepavali is the one when you see an extravaganza of all three.

This is one occasion where most people throw their love for environment to the air (pun intended) and burst crackers…plenty of them..for hours.

The air is already hazy with smoke. Tomorrow newspapers and news channels will report the decline of air quality caused by crackers and then everything goes back to where it was.

All the rituals including bursting of crackers comes with associated symbolism. The one which appeals to my family is the lights.

Homes gilded in
sparkling myriad lights.
lamps of happiness
lamps of prosperity
lamps of knowledge
filled with oil of love
leading from darkness to light

This is how the buildings look like during the festive season.

Being an asthmatic, I am hiding inside, with all windows closed. But managed to get one click of a rocket. I pacify myself by saying that, at least the burnt gases are dispersed comparatively high in the atmosphere.

May the gleam of diyas enlighten your spirit and vanquish darkness from your life.
May your life be filled with colours of happiness.
May this Diwali, come up with fresh hopes, bright days and new dreams.

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