I Don’t Know

I have Soni’s Thoughts to thank for this.

I was enjoying her amazing posts when I came across this gif-y challenge by Nehal and Tiction.

I love gifs. The short moving pictures which makes you laugh and think alike.

When the prompt is Idk, mother’s know the best. This summarises how we say Idk

That would be my most overused words. I still use them. My 13 year old would come with his questions about video games, ” Mama, do you know…blah blah…blah?” Sometimes he don’t even wait for the Idk, and would continue with the gaming tips that is just useless information for someone who know games only by names..well at least a few of them.

I believe he is having his revenge for all that ‘forcing to learn thing’ that I have done with him.

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