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Why Cassie Nightingale is my Favourite Witch

There are two fictional villages where I would choose to live my life. One is Three Pines from Louise Penny Books and the second one is Middleton from Hallmark’s Good Witch Series.

I finally watched all 10 episodes of Good Witch Season 6. It did not have Grace, but Joy as a new Merriwick woman was a refreshing addition.

Of all the series which I have ever watched, Good Witch stands out. It doesn’t have larger than life villains. It has normal people with the Merriwick women being the exception. They are not the kind of witches whom one might find in a regular tale of witches. Merriwick women like to call their liitle gift as their intuition.

The series has a collection of interesting characters that one cannot help loving. The underlying emotion of the stories is love and kindness and how a decent dose of both can work miracles bringing magical transformation in people for good.

Middleton is exactly the kind of place where you would want to live, if you are the one for a village life. It is a place with rich history which is entwined with the Merriwick family. With a School, City Hall, Stephanie’s Bistro, Abigail’s Flower shop, Cassie’s Gift shop and Gray House Bed and Breakfast, it a place which exudes 18th century charm.  Middleton enchants tourists with its heritage and vintage allure.

Cassie Nightingale, played on screen by Catherine Bell radiates kindness and warmth. She believes in the goodness that exists in everyone. She has a lot of eclectic skills. She knows exactly the right things that anyone who visits her shop, Bell, Books and Candles searching for gifts might need. She also has the right words that guide you to discover yourself.

 Once you tell her what you need, she says “I might have exactly what you are looking for”  and walks to a display shelf or a table and pulls out something beautiful, which you never knew you wanted until then. Her shop is filled with artifact which she has collected during her wanderings and which arrives at her doorstep from all over the world.

 She do lets her magic, work on people, and you see her casting  her charm when you observe her smile and her “Hmm” followed by her piece of wisdom. She makes you believe that baking muffins and cookies by referring to an old, thick handwritten cookbook which is passed down to Merriwick women can be the most romantic thing in the world. You desperately wish to know your flowers and herbs like Cassie, run three businesses and still look happy and fresh all the time.

 She inspires you to believe in so many things

That the right people always show up when you need them most.

That the best gifts are the least expected.

That there are gifts everywhere if you’re ready to receive them.

That real magic takes time and love.

That you just need to keep searching for the right inspiration.

That things are rarely as they first appear.

That one should try looking for the best in people to see where it leads you.

That there’s room…there’s lots of room.  You just have to know where to look.

That trouble and troubled are two entirely different things.

That we all have an internal compass that points us in the right direction and it’s when we stray off course is when we get lost

That sometimes people rebound right into love.

All the characters in this series are painted with the right amount of colours that makes them unique.

Season 6 is the best yet and once you watch, you wouldn’t be surprised why it is one of Hallmark Channel’s highly rated shows.

Yeah, I am proud to call myself a Goodie.

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