short story

An Episode From Life

This short story was my entry for the below picture prompt.

She knew exactly where to find her.

Sue locked the front door of her cottage and headed out to the lake gathering her jacket. She wondered if Heather has carried hers.  The evening chill was slowly creeping and she felt the cold caress of the wind on her exposed cheeks.

Heather was agitated and she had the reason to be.

Sue tried to gather the right words and keep them ready to use, even though she herself did not know if they would be good enough to guide her friend safely through the storm which was brewing in her matrimony.

Heather had found a resort booking with details of one room under the name of Allison plus one, in her husband Harry’s mail.

She did not mean to snoop. But her instincts were tingling, triggered by his late office hours and an assortment of flimsy excuses for coming home late.

The booking was for the weekend. She nourished the improbable hope that, it was just Allison, Harry’s assistant, who would be going for the business meet. When he left, Saturday morning for the meet at the resort, Heather did not confront him. Instead she left for her sanctuary. Her best friend Sue and her cottage near the lake.

Sue found Heather, at their usual place and settled next to her.

“What did I do wrong? Heather’s voice was barely a whisper.

Sue put her arms around her friend. “Don’t shift the blame towards you, girl. Harry knew what was at stake, when he embarked on his adulterous relationship. “

“Maybe he wasn’t happy with me”

“Cut it out Heather. I knew how happy you were together. If happiness was running low, you don’t go searching for it in the arms of another woman. You talk and sort out your issues.”

Silence descended between them, riding on the wings of the peaceful evening. The crest of the faraway mountain was gilded with snow, like an angel at the apex of a Christmas tree.

Sue said “ Fall is almost over girl. Trees never remain bare, with their dead leaves gone. Life starts all over again for them. Does it not fill you with hope? We will get through this. “

Heather leaned towards Sue and rested her head on Sue’s shoulders.

“Yeah. I am sure we will. “

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