The Secret of Happiness

What makes you happy?

Moments spend with people you love, being in the possession of all things that you desire. This will be the answer of most people.

People who work with me, do say that my happiness is infectious. People who have moved on, do call sometimes when they feel blue, saying that speaking to me makes them feel better.

I am bragging.

But honestly, people do say that about me, all the time.

I guess, it is because, I feel happy and I work on staying that way.

What I have realized, few years into my adult life is that, happiness is a gift that you have to present yourself.

If you wait for that person whom you love, to make you happy, you might keep on waiting. Your wait will end in disappointment when you fail to receive the kind of happiness you anticipated.

I don’t wait to be gifted. I see something I wish to have, I buy it for myself. The gifts I receive from others, I do accept them with a grateful heart. It is like an extra cherry on top of the icing on my cake which I already bought for myself.

I have my happiness pinned on myself. I find ways to restore my smile. I am my therapist.

I am not an eternally happy and cheerful person. I have my deranged alter ego who sometimes understudies for me. I regain the control by indulging in stuff that would slowly swing me back to my sunshine persona.

Since I do not need another person to make me happy, it is also easy for me to forgive people and move on.

“You make me happy” is a statement that makes you vulnerable. You are handing over immense power to the other person who may or may not be worthy of that power. You can say those words to someone. But tell yourself ” I make me the happiest”

Only you know what your happy place looks like. You are the architect of your happy home. You have to make the plan, approve it and build it. You have the power to revamp it and rearrange the furniture, anytime you wish.

I know what my happy place looks like. It is my home, my books, my music, my movies, my daily robotic routine which is tossed away on weekends, all those moments that I spent with my loved ones.

Not just those .

Happiness for me is also these.

Watching movie with me , if I don’t have company.

Enjoying my favourite cuisine and drink with me, if I don’t have company.

I do everything that makes me happy in my own delightful company, if my loved ones are busy with their own schedule.

That is my secret of happiness.

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