short story

The Red Ball

I believe in paranormal experiences. I got a prompt for a 250 word horror story which brought memories of an unexplained experience I had years ago.

I was sleeping on the floor and I had a dream of a ball rolling and hitting my feet. I woke up in the morning and found the ball under the cot.

Here is the story

The day broke with a pall of gloom cast by the looming clouds.

Sue hurried towards the cemetery ignoring the threatening thunder and lightning.

She opened the rickety gate, expecting to see the cemetery keeper, George, in his ritual of sweeping the autumn leaves from the narthex of the little church where funeral services are held.

Not finding him, she moved to her brother’s grave.

She remembered their last day together. He was playing with his favourite red ball in their courtyard and she was in her room lost in her books.

She never thought that her brother would fall into the ditch, leaning in to retrieve his ball.

His tiny body was found after two days, three miles down the road, by the workers who opened the man hole for inspecting and rectifying a block in the drainage.

Wiping off her tears Sue hugged the headstone, imagining her brother’s slender arms around her.

Rain drops started pelting down. She let go off the tombstone and turned to head back home.

Something hard hit at the back of her head.

She turned around and followed the red object which was bouncing away.

Sue picked up the familiar, but lost red ball, hearing the rain drops whispering in her brother’s voice,.

“Come Sue, Play with Me”

Lightning struck, bringing a huge branch of the tree down, at the exact place where Sue stood a minute ago.

Sue saw George bounding towards her, shouting something which was lost in another clap of thunder.

She stood, rooted to the ground, her tears merging with the raindrops, staring at the red ball in her hand.

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