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Sophie Hannah’s Hercule Poirot

I was extremely delighted when I read about my favourite detective being brought back from death by Sophie Hannah and after reading all the four books back to back, I am ready with the conclusion.

Yes, It is really him. I couldn’t feel much difference at all. He is as pompous and meticulous as always.

This time he has a very adorable side-kick from Scotland Yard. Edward Catchpool whose brain is being trained by Poirot and mid-way through their fourth case together, he is quite confident that the brain -training is somewhat effective.

All the four cases has the characteristics of a typical Poirot mystery. They are baffling as ever and only Poirot can link the seemingly improbable events for the final reveal.

He trains Catchpool to make lists with all the puzzling questions and along with Catchpool, I once again found myself frustrated being unable to decipher the findings that makes Poirot’s eyes turns green with excitement .

My great disappointment about all four books were the fact that, the motives weren’t strong enough. The psychological explanations offered by Poirot failed to convince me as compelling reasons to commit murder.

I relished the books just as any other Hercule Poirot mysteries, but was dissatisfied. The villains were not completely evil, but painted with shades of grey. It is like we arrive at the truth, yet this time the working of the criminal mind bordered to something that did not make much sense even after the world’s most brilliant detective explained it to us.

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    • I have another favourite now, Chief Inspector Armand Gamache of the Surette Police. I love how Louise Penny has portrayed him. Her books not only has mystery to be solved, but the relationships of a lot of regular characters in a tiny village. Her books are much more than just mysteries.

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