The Road I Dared To Take

This was a picture for poetry challenge.

It reminded me of the risk I took, and the road I finally decided to set on.

As I sleep walked
Through the day’s mundane tasks.
Again it beckoned to me
The road I never took.

It haunted me,
The road I am scared to take
With its dense spectral trees
And a patch of diffused light

It enchanted me,
This road I want to take
With its ominous incalculable darkness,
A promise of mystery and thrill.

So with the sophistry of courage,
I took my first measured steps.
And walked to the edge of light
On this road I was scared to take.

There may be times I fall
Dangers and road- blocks  meet
But I will sure know my strength
On this road that I dared to take.

Life isn’t lived without its risks
Conquering fears to walk to the end,
A dream that noone can see but you.
On this road that is worth the take

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