Fairy Lights in a Bottle

I bought these fairy lights some time ago.

These lights are so enchanting.

Reminds me of full moon night

A dark sky littered with stars.

A vast meadow filled with foxgloves and daisies.

Toad stools glimmering in the moonlight

Fairies playing harp and riding dragonflies.

Wearing rose bud crowns and poppy gowns

Pixies with green calyx hats, fighting for acorns.

These are the illustrations from a poetry book by Enid Blyton. My sister won it for a drawing competition when she was 5 years old. I was 13 then and we spent a lot of time in that fairy land gifted to us by Enid Blyton.

The book is still at home, with my mother. The pages are old and battered with usage. But the images of that fantasy land is live and I get drawn to valleys and meadows and foxgloves and all wild flowers, a magical attraction which I cannot explain.

Hence I collect fairy lights in bottles and escape into the fairy world when I need to .

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